22nd July 2021

Daily updates for 22nd July 2021

दानिश सिद्दीकी की मृत्यु के बहाने प्रश्न?

Afghan national with AADHAAR card arrested, was claiming to be from Assam

Namaz of Bakrid performed in Badrinath, even as Char Dham Yatra remains banned!

Muslim man faked identity as a Hindu and raped woman, booked

Dravidianists, Ambedkarites and Islamists unite to abuse and call for killing Brahmins before Taliban

16 अगस्त ही “खेला होबे” के लिए क्यों?

Tausib Ali of Hizbul Mujahideen threatens to kill 13000 in West Bengal if demands not met

‘Do not to overstep boundaries’, Hindu outfits demand probe after construction workers offer Namaz at Badrinath Dham on Bakri Eid

‘Doctored video was shared with the sole intention of bringing communal disharmony’ – Karnataka HC on the Ghaziabad beard chopping case

Western academia comes together to deny Hinduphobia in US universities and blame Hindus: How Indian scholars debunked the lies

UP Govt does it again, bulldozes and frees land from illegal encroachment by Rohingyas in Delhi. Watch

Taliban may next target Kashmir, Kerala after Kabul, reveals Pakistani journalist

Rajasthan MLA Ramkesh Meena tears a saffron flag with ‘Jai Shri Ram’ written on it, video goes viral

Ex-Cricketer Suresh Raina asserts his Brahmin identity, gets attacked on social media

J and K domicile rules amended: Spouses of women who married outside of the UT can now get domicile certificate

लिबरल्स के ‘दुग्गल साब’ ध्रुव राठी का टेलीग्राम ग्रुप पोर्न बाँटने पर हुआ सस्पैंड!

‘Khela Hobe Till BJP Is Wiped Out’: Mamata Banerjee Announces ‘Khela Hobe Diwas’ On 16 Aug — 75th Anniversary Of Direct Action Day

ब्राह्मण सम्मलेन के बाद अब ख़ुशी दुबे का केस लड़ेगी बसपा

OBC क्रीमी लेयर बढ़ाने के प्रस्ताव पर काम कर रही है सरकार, संसद में दी सूचना

Mamata’s Masque Slips, Revealing Jinnah: Declares August 16th Direct Action Day As Khooni ‘Khela Hobe Divas’

दलित दूल्हे को मंदिर में जाने से रोकने की NDTV ने चलाई फर्जी खबर, पड़ताल में निकली झूठी

India: ‘Jihad’ film highlights ‘the real meaning of jihad,’ which is ‘to kill the anger and the devil within you’

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