23rd July 2021

Daily updates for 23rd July 2021

Lucknow: Christian Community Expresses Strong Reservations About Yogi Adityanath Govt’s Proposed Population Policy

“More than 400 Brahmins have been killed in UP, Brahmins should proud of their identity and Janeu”, BSP says

इस समाज में ब्राह्मण होना गुनाह हो चला है

अलीगढ़ में गाड़ी पार्किंग का विरोध करने पर दुकान में घुसकर मारपीट

Non-Native Husband of Jammu-Kashmir Women Eligible for Union Territory’s Domicile

Non-Native Husband of Jammu-Kashmir Women Eligible for Union Territory’s Domicile

400 से अधिक ब्राह्मणों की हुई हत्या, ख़ुशी दुबे को जानबूझकर एक साल से जेल में रखा: BSP

Theology of Demagoguery: Why Tamil Pastor George Ponnaiah’s Hate Speech Should Frighten Us All

Dreaded Militant group surrendered in Assam

पंजाब: मंदिर में तोड़फोड़, भगवान शिव और हनुमान जी की मूर्तियों को तोड़ डाला; देवी-देवताओं की तस्वीरों को जलाकर किया राख

वाराणसी में “शिवमंदिर” के बाहर “फूलन देवी की प्रतिमा” रखने का हुआ प्रयास, मौके पर पहुची पुलिस ने हटवाई मूर्ति

रेप, धर्मांतरण और बर्बादी: पीड़ित युवती ने मौलवी के खिलाफ दर्ज कराई शिकायत 

Dalit girl files SC-ST act on boyfriend who later found tribal in court trial

Have Muslim Attitudes Changed Much In Post-1947 ‘Secular’ India? Pew Data Says Sharia Love Remains

मुसलमानों की तरह हिंदुओं को भी मिले धर्मस्थलों के प्रबंधन का अधिकार, SC में याचिका दाखिल

Christian Missionaries Target Scheduled Castes in Andhra Pradesh, Chief Secretary Asked to Submit Report to NCSC

Yogi Govt takes back 2.1-hectare land illegally occupied by Rohingya intruders, land worth Rs 150 Crore

Jagan’s destruction of Andhra – dangerous conversion agenda that would break India

“DMK won because of our alms, Modi-Shah will die a horrible death with dogs and worms eating their bodies”: Watch TN Christian pastor’s rabid hate speech

Kerala witnesses dramatic spike in dowry payments; Sikhs, Christians top the list

Ravindra Jadeja shows how to bat against left-wing outrage mob, why others should follow

Supreme Court dumps IIT study that showed firecrackers are not a major cause of pollution, dismisses plea challenging ban on sale

Tamil Nadu: Hindu activist and Indu Makkal Katchi Chief Arjun Sampath arrested for protesting against destruction of temples in Coimbatore

‘Anti-terrorism measure, no signboard’: Read why police went knocking on The Wire’s door ahead of 15th August

Exploring the fine line of tragedy coverage in photojournalism: Who will decide where to draw the line?

From Suresh Raina to Neena Gupta: Clout chasing and perverse incentive structure that makes people hound them crying ‘Brahminism’

Was Namaz read inside Badrinath temple premises? What did the police say? All you need to know about the controversy

Bombay High Court takes back its statement praising Stan Swamy after objections by NIA

Another case of Hindu temple vandalism reported from Punjab, idols desecrated and posters of gods and goddesses burnt

“Marriage proposal” by UP police brings out the criminal from hiding

Mentally unstable Hindu woman raped in Christian home, beaten and trained to blame her uncle

Arman Ali of Bihar was supplying arms to Kashmiri terrorists, arrested by NIA

Afghan nationals working inside Cochin shipyard where INS Vikrant is being build and unidentified drones in the vicinity

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