25th July 2021

Daily updates for 25th July 2021

पाकिस्तान में हिंदू युवक को ‘अल्लाह हू अकबर’ कहने और देवी देवताओं को गाली देने के लिए किया गया मजबूर

Sikh-Body Urges Canadian Govt to pass CAA-like law to save Sikhs & Hindu refugees from Islamic countries

“Rama born out of an illicit relationship, Brahma raped his own daughter”, Ambedkar on Hindu Gods

सहारनपुर: ‘दलित युवक को दाढ़ी मुंडवाने के लिए नहीं किया गया मजबूर’, भीम आर्मी ने खुद गढ़ी कहानी

राजस्थान: तौफीक ने विक्की बन फेसबुक पर दोस्ती की, अश्लील फोटो खींच उसे वायरल करने की धमकी देकर कई बार रेप किया

Batla House Encounter: Convict Ariz Khan Moves Delhi HC Challenging His Death Penalty

“Churches decide who Christians should vote for”: IMK chief Arjun Sampath calls out pseudo-secularism

बद्रीनाथ धाम को बताया ‘बदरुद्दीन शाह’ का स्थल, मौलाना का वीडियो वायरल

उत्तराखंड के अल्मोड़ा में लव जिहाद, नाबालिग हिंदू लड़की को फंसाकर रेस्टोरेंट में बुलाने वाले कासिफ समेत 4 गिरफ्तार

Hindu boy forced to chant ‘Allah hu Akbar’ and abuse Hindu gods in Pakistan

Grooming Jihad reaching remote hills of Uttarakhand, 4 Muslims arrested in Almora

हिंदी पट्टी के इस्लाम परस्त फेमिनिज्म में खोता हिन्दू स्त्रियों का इतिहास- सरमा पाणी संवाद (ऋग्वेद)

TN: Amman murtis disrobed and semen ejaculated on them

Hindus under attack: weekly roundup of hate-crimes, persecution and discrimination against Hindus

Indians slam Bloomberg for claiming that world’s best Indian food is found in New York City

Uttarakhand: 14 booked for entering Har Ki Pauri for Kanwar Yatra, action against two for selling goods to Kanwariyas

Tamil Nadu: Miscreants disrobe idols and burn the sarees at Hindu temple, ejaculate semen on the disrobed idols

Larger than life flex boards placed near temples hailing Kerala CM as ‘God’ stirs controversy, CPI(M) denies involvement

Rajasthan: Taufeen becomes ‘Vicky’ to befriend minor, rapes her repeatedly by blackmailing her of leaking intimate videos

Delhi: Two women accuse occultist Zakir of repeatedly raping them as minors and forcing them to convert to Islam

Unnao: Group of people tries to convert educational institute into a mosque, construction stopped by police after complaint by villagers

Muzaffarnagar resident accuses Altnews co-founder Mohammed Zubair of issuing death threats, FIR registered

‘It is Badruddin Shah, not Badrinath’: Old video of UP Maulana demanding that Hindus should handover the shrine to Muslims goes viral

Uttar Pradesh: RSS leader thrashed for objecting against car parking in middle of road by goons, including women, led by one Abdul Salam

World Sikh Organisation wants CAA-like law in Canada for Sikhs and Hindus escaping from Islamic countries

Hindustan Times tries to whitewash the Batla house encounter convicted terrorist Ariz Khan, quietly deletes post after being caught

N Ram Destroyed Kasturi’s Legacy Turned The Hindu Into Anti-Hindu Pamphlet Losing Readership

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