24th July 2021

Daily updates for 24th July 2021

NIA raids in Theni and Madurai over links with banned terrorist orgnization

मोदी-शाह के सड़े शरीर को कुत्ते खाएँगे, भारत माता करती है बीमार: ईसाई पादरी के भड़काऊ बयान

Mayawati’s ‘Brahman Sammelan’ in Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi are proof that BSP will join BJP post-elections

Loyalty Of Brown Converts

जुबैर ने बनाई ‘सुल्ली डील्स’ एप्प? रात में राजीव, दिन में जुबैर? मामला क्या है?

Sufi Islamic Board to Protest ‘Anti-National’ Activities of Twitter on July 26

Delhi: Two women accuse occultist Zakir of repeatedly raping them as minors and forcing them to convert to Islam

40,000 हिन्दुओं के नरसंहार के लिए मंदिर के प्रसाद में जहर मिलाने की योजना, जाकिर नाइक से था प्रेरित

मुस्लिमों को 80% छात्रवृत्ति देने के लिए SC जाएगी केरल सरकार, HC ने रद्द किया था आदेश

मुस्लिमों को 80% छात्रवृत्ति देने के लिए SC जाएगी केरल सरकार, HC ने रद्द किया था आदेश

धीरे-धीरे सब होगा: काशी विश्वनाथ मंदिर को मिली मस्जिद की 1000 वर्ग फीट ज़मीन

‘Hindutva Harassment Field Manual’: Tool to Gag Hindu Voices

“You cannot pluck even a single hair” Pastor dares Hindus and wishes gruesome end for Modi & Shah

Propaganda portal NewsClick was receiving funds from China for anti-Bharat propaganda

‘Security situation in Afghanistan dangerous’: Indian embassy issues security advisory for its nationals

No Kanwar-related celebrations allowed in Haridwar, city borders sealed: Uttarakhand Police

SP-AIMIM’s Muslim Deputy CM, Mawayati’s Brahmin seminars: Parties gear up for assembly elections while Rahul Gandhi says he does not like UP mangoes

‘In India feminism ends where Islamism begins’: Watch Nitin Gupta ‘Rivaldo’ speak on ‘feminist’ hypocrisy on forced conversion

Grooming Jihad in Uttarakhand: Four youths arrested in Almora for luring a minor Hindu girl to allegedly kidnap her

Catholic priest in Tamil Nadu arrested for hate speech against Hindus: Here is what the pastor said

Gang rape victim threatened by police in Bengal, attempt to intimidate her for registering complaint against TMC leaders, say activists

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