6th July 2021

Daily updates for 6th July 2021

‘आज़ादी मांगने’ वाले कम्युनिस्ट नेता की करतूत: 6 साल की बच्ची से 3 साल से करता रहा रेप और अब की हत्या

MHA directs AP Chief Secretary to take action Addl. DGP Sunil Kumar who had indulged in hate speech against Hindus

Hoodwinking Hindus to Embrace Islam

Action against Stan Swamy strictly as per law: Ministry of External Affairs

Meet This ‘Bahubali’ Of Bengal Who Stands By Beleaguered Hindus And Has Provided Succour To Persecuted BJP Workers

AIMIM: Political Party Founded to Promote the Interests of Nizam of Hyderabad and Oppose Integration of Hyderabad

दलित महिला ने प्रधान को छेड़छाड़ के आरोप से बचाने के लिए बनवाया उत्पीड़न का फर्जी वीडियो

Kerala: CPM youth wing activist arrested for raping and murdering 6-year-old

वकील ने चैंबर में कन्वर्जन कराया,लाइसेंस निलंबित

Brahmin man lynched nearly to death by Bhim Army members, threatens to finish community

Hindu Boy lynched nearly to death by Bhim Army workers in UP

Olive branch by RSS Chief and the Aftermath

‘Promoting child terrorism’: NCPCR asks J&K Police to file case against Twitter

Why Christian Priest Stan Swamy Was Booked Under UAPA

अवैध रोहिंग्या-बंग्लादेशी देवभूमि में क्यों बसाए जा रहे हैं? क्या गंगाजल में मुर्गे-बकरे के खून मांस जानबूझकर बहाए जा रहे हैं?

After Meeting With Muslim Leaders, Assam Government Forms Sub-Groups On Population Control

जबरन धर्मांतरण के बाद करा रहे थे निकाह, UP पुलिस ने मौलवी समेत 3 को दबोचा

Portrait of an old man as a martyr? What Left-‘liberal’ media won’t tell you about Stan Swamy

Who is Stan Lourduswamy? A Priest or Maoist?

Bajrang Dal Holds State-Wide Protest in Telangana, Demands Proper Implementation of Law Against Cow Slaughter

Bar Council of Delhi Suspends Adv Iqbal Malik’s license for using his chamber for forceful religious conversions

दावते इस्लामी के धर्मांतरण अभियान का खुलासा करने वाले सूफी संगठन को मिली धमकी, जांच में जुटी कानपुर पुलिस

Maharashtra Assembly Passes Resolution Urging Centre To Bring Constitutional Amendment To Remove 50% Quota Ceiling

जबरन धर्मांतरण, निकाह कराने वाले वकील का लाइसेंस दिल्ली बार काउंसिल ने किया रद्द: चेंबर को ही बना लिया था मजार

Delhi Lawyer Holding Religious Conversions, Nikah In Chambers Suspended By Bar Council

लखनऊ: घर में घुसकर अफसर अली ने युवती से की छेड़छाड़, विरोध करने पर दबाया गला, फिर शैक्षिक दस्तावेज लेकर हुआ फरार

Fr Stan Swamy is a Maoist not a Martyr

Mohammed Umar Gautam, Who Has Been Arrested by the UP ATS For Running a Conversion Racket, Is Innocent, Says Samajwadi Party

Delhi : Iqbal Malik was running a Mosque and conversion centre in lawyers’ chamber, suspended

हिन्दू लड़कियों के धर्म से भटकाव का कारण: ऋषिकाओं से अनजान लड़कियां!

Centre drafting law to prevent trafficking; golden opportunity to define, criminalise grooming

KPs see J&K delimitation as last hope

‘Unusual’ marriages between relations soar in Bihar

Bengal: Mamata Banerjee announces ‘Khela Hobe Diwas’, to celebrate slogan that unleashed bloodbath against political rivals

Delhi: 4 Afghan nationals arrested for running heroin manufacturing unit at Sainik Farms

West Bengal: Mob attack police station, set vehicles on fire alleging ‘custody death’ of one Arman Ansari, policemen suspended

Kerala: CPM youth wing member arrested for rape and murder of 6-year-old girl, had been sexually abusing the child for 3 years

NCPCR orders action against Twitter India and Telegram for allowing terrorists to use platform to reach children: Full details

UP convicted murder’s photo circulated to claim ‘inhuman treatment’ to dead ‘Urban Naxal’ Stan Swamy

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