8th July 2021

Daily updates for 8th July 2021

Reality Check: Why Liberation Theology Is Not The Innocent Doctrine It Is Being Made Out To Be

‘South Asia’ Versus The ‘Subcontinent’: The Label Wars

Muslim Girl chained for loving Hindu boy, Police rescued

Tamil Nadu: Madurai Malli Flowers Exported To USA And UAE, To Be Used For Hindu Deities At Home And Temples

To Honour Kar Sevaks Murdered by Samajwadi Party Govt of Mulayam Singh Yadav, Yogi Govt to Name Roads After Martyred Kar Sevaks

Six Pakistani Hindus, Living in Madhya Pradesh for Decades, Granted Indian Citizenship Under CAA

Krishna Valmiki Lynched in Broad Daylight by Sagar Qureshi, Raes, Imran, Akhtar Ali & Ishu Qureshi in Rajasthan

Hindu girl converts to Islam and marries Arif, who then burns her alive and dumps her after they went separate ways: Read details

मुस्लिम महिला ने अपने पति के विरुद्ध दर्ज कराई कन्वर्जन के आरोप में एफआईआर

Lucknow: Woman accuses her husband  of running a ‘Love Jihad’ campaign

योगी सरकार को जयश्रीराम: जिन कारसेवकों पर सपा ने चलवाई थी गोली, उन्हीं के नाम पर होगा अयोध्या की सड़कों का नाम

‘बंगलुरू में दरगाह चलाने वाला शौहर और सास मिलकर चलाते हैं लव जिहाद अभियान..दरगाह की महिलाओं का करते हैं ब्रेनवाश’..लखनऊ की महिला ने खोली पोल

Char Dham Rituals Livestreaming: India A Democratic Country Ruled By Law Not Shastras, Says Uttarakhand HC

Maoists in Kerala jail mourn their Comrade Stan Swamy’s death, sit on hunger strike

5 terrorists killed by security forces in J-K in the last 24 hours

हंदवाड़ा में हिजबुल का शीर्ष कमांडर मारा गया

Two Rohingyas Arrested in Hyderabad, Had Entered India Illegally in 2014 & 2017 and Had Obtained Multiple Fake Identity Documents

मेरठ: पीर व उसके साथियों ने इलाज के बहाने नाबालिग का किया गैंगरेप, केस दर्ज

BJP worker mercilessly beaten up by policemen for protesting against SC-ST act

Nurturing India’s culture! Yogi govt to offer free Sanskrit training to citizens

फतेहपुर: खुद को अविवाहित बताकर महिला से शादी करने चला 5 बच्चों का पिता मो. नसीर, भेजा गया जेल

AQIS joins hands with ARSA and Indian jihadist groups

UP में बलिदानी कारसेवकों के नाम पर सड़क बनाएगी योगी सरकार, उपमुख्यमंत्री ने की घोषणा

‘No Traces Of Novel Coronavirus In Waters Of River Ganga’: Study

J&K: Five Terrorists Gunned Down By Security Forces In Three Separate Encounters

कश्मीर में 24 घण्टे में 5 आतंकी ढेर, एक दिन पहले ढेर हुआ था बुरहान वानी का समकालीन

Zero Tolerance Against Cow Smugglers: Assam CM

5 myths about the status of women in Hindu Dharma

YouTube algorithm pushing harmful videos, claims Mozilla

Communist leader Arjun rapes and murders a six-year-old girl in Vandiperiyar, Kerala

Srirangam temple cows sent to be slaughtered in the guise of ‘free gift’ to poor?- Temple activist reveals distressing details

Bengaluru: Charge sheet filed in Bangladesh woman gang rape case

In matter of temples, the judges of Uttarakhand High Court need to know their limits

4 terrorists killed in two encounters in Kashmir

प्यार की बदलती कहानियाँ और लव जिहाद?

Muslim reservation and “Prophet Muhammad Bill” demanded by Raza Academy and Prakash Ambedkar

Journalist reveals how Saudi Arabia sponsors Islamism in Bharat

Hate sex against Sanghis? Reddit becomes breeding ground for pornographic content of ‘Hindu women’ for ‘Muslim men’

Delhi: Car thief gang members Showkat and Md Zubair interrogated by J and K CID and IB over possible terror links

UP Government to construct roads in the name of Karsevaks who were brutally killed in the November 1990 carnage

‘Bring 4 non-Muslim women with you to convert’: Woman accuses husband and mother-in-law of running ‘Love Jihad’ racket in the name of Dargah

Uttar Pradesh: Occult practitioner Afzal Malik and his aides gang-rape minor girl in Amroha, ‘secular media’ refers to him as ‘Tantrik’

Gujarat’s first Grooming Jihad victim ‘disappears’ after retracting her statement. Details

Hindu girl converts to Islam and marries Arif, who then burns her alive and dumps her after they went separate ways: Read details

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