9th July 2021

Daily updates for 9th July 2021

Three Years Ago, Uma Eloped With Arif. Today, She Is Fighting For Her Life After Being Burnt By Him

5 भाई चोरी करते जेलगति को प्राप्त हुए.. जेल का माहौल गमगीन: देखिए फरीदाबाद पुलिस का अनोखा अंदाज

मिस्टर खान (आमिर)! पीके में देवी देवताओं का मजाक उड़ा कर करोड़ों बटोरे : अब महाभारत में किस मुँह से कृष्ण बनोगे

गंगा-गाय वाले राष्ट्र की सभ्यता में लगी ‘नशीली घुनों’ को पहचानें और उनके खिलाफ हमेशा अपनी आवाज़ मुखर करें..

IMK Chief Arjun Sampath slams DMK and Congress for glorifying Stan Swamy and creating conducive atmosphere for separatists

UGC के इतिहास के नए सिलेबस में हुए कई बड़े बदलाव … अब छात्रों को पढ़ाया जाएगा “भारत वाला इतिहास”

The Sorry State of Hindu Refugees from Neighbouring Islamic Republics

कानपुर: बिना अनुमति चौकी में पढ़ी गई नमाज़, शहर काजी बोले- मुल्क सेक्युलर है, इसीलिए कहीं भी पढ़ लेते

गाड़ी चोर शौकत अली और मोहम्मद जुबैर गिरफ्तार, फोन में मिली ड्रोन, ब्लास्ट और हत्या की तस्वीरें: आतंकी लिंक पर होगी जाँच

ट्रॉली वाला DJ बज रहा था..कहाँ थी हरिद्वार पुलिस..? कठोर कार्रवाई कहने के बाद अबतक Action क्यों नहीं?

हिंदू धर्म की मजाक बनाओ और इनाम पाओ: आमिर खान की हिंदू विरोधी फ़िल्म PK को मोदी सरकार क्यों दे रही है सम्मान ?

Asaduddin Owaisi’s AIMIM Claims to Fight for Muslims, Adivasis, Dalits, OBCs; Has No Non-Muslim Senior Party Office Bearer or MP/MLA

New Zealander vlogger Karl Rock blacklisted till next year for doing business on tourist visa, violating other norms, informs MHA

The sexual objectification of women on Reddit and their dehumanization is further evidence of Grooming Jihad: How platforms are failing to act

Karl Rock who is allegedly blacklisted by India spent months in Pakistan 2 years after leaving the country due to ISI surveillance, visited PoK too

New Zealander Youtuber Karl Rock alleges that he has been blacklisted by Indian govt: Who he is and the possible reason

RSS, Mohan Bhagwat and recent comment about shared DNA of Hindus and Muslims: The Gandhian flaw of an org whose contribution is unparalleled

‘They were forcing her to eat beef, convert to Islam’: MP man says 6 years after marriage, in-laws have killed his daughter

From social media manipulation by algorithm to interference in elections, read remarks made by SC while refusing to stay summons to Facebook

India: Muslim organizations push ‘Prophet Muhammad Bill’ to criminalize insults to Islam

UP: High Court approves trial of Mohammed Ishtiaque under NSA, had led Muslim mob violence after police had demolished illegal Barabanki structure

Haridwar police arrest tourists smoking hookah at Har Ki Pauri, Ganga Sabha says will form a committee to educate tourists

Bengaluru: Police arrest 12, including 11 Bangladeshis and 2 women in case where an illegally trafficked Bangladeshi woman was raped and tortured

Pakistani colonial loot in occupied Jammu Kashmir and occupied Ladakh

Trial in murder of Special SI by radical Islamic elements to begin soon

Yogi govt to name roads in UP after balidani Karsevaks

हिन्दू नायकों के स्थान पर अय्याश मुगलों का महिमामंडन!

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