26th August 2021

Daily updates for 26th August 2021

Quran is WhatsApp University? It is if this Radio Mirchi RJ is to be believed

West Bengal: 2 arrested in Kolkata for trying to sell radioactive material, could be worth Rs 4,250 Cr

Kerala: Muslim League MLA threatened over anti-Taliban Facebook post, warned of Prof TJ Joseph like fate if not deleted in 24 hours

Hotstar rejects grievance complaints against their series on Babur, claims they are not glorifying the Islamic invader: Read what they said

Cricket team named ‘Taliban Club C’ found playing in Rajasthan, banned from a tournament after protests erupted

‘Maybe Taliban sent him to India’: Petition filed against Tamal Bhattacharya for praising Taliban after his evacuation from Afghanistan

Indore bangle seller case: Here is what Tasleem Ali’s family claims about his second Aadhar card under false name

Poet Manoj Muntashir gets ‘cancelled’ by ‘secular-liberals’ for calling out Mughal barbarity and false glorification

Radical Islamic outfit PFI expresses hope in Taliban, calls Indian govt to start diplomatic relations with them

Afghan passports with Bharatiya visas stolen at ISI’s behest

Two SC families assaulted over ‘black magic’ after being named by ‘possessed’ women on Muharram

Muslim bangle-seller Tasleem Ali identifies as a Hindu, booked for molesting Hindu minor in Indore, MP

हिन्दुओं का नरसंहार जिसे किसान विद्रोह में बदल दिया, अब हटाए जाएंगे हत्यारों के नाम स्वतंत्रता सेनानियों की सूची से

TN Jamaati rakes up long-extinct practice of Sati, slams ‘Sanghis’ while defending Taliban

NIA files charge sheet against 2 in Nimtita rly station blast case

100 years of Malabar Hindu Genocide

Olympic medal winning wrestler Ravi Dahiya performs Jalabhishek at Shiva Mandir

Kerala High Court Dismisses Writ By Kerala Govt For Reservation To Christian Nadars

Kerala: MLA MK Muneer Gets Death Threat Letter For Facebook Post Against The Taliban

Understanding The History Of The “Hindoo” In America Is The First Step To Fighting Back.

लव जिहाद: ऋषभ बनकर शौकत ने युवती को प्रेम जाल में फंसाया, पोल खुली तो दी तेजाब फेंकने की धमकी

Missionaries doing large scale conversion tempting poor Sanatani in upper Assam: World Hindu Federation

Miyaganj gram sabha to be renamed as ‘Mayaganj’? Proposal sent to UP govt

टेरेसा का मिशन सिर्फ कन्वर्जन ही रहा

Love Jihad: Irfan Khan Pretends to be Rohan, Marries Hindu Girl, Converts Her Forcibly After Marriage

Govt builds toilets in Mamallapuram Srithalasayana Perumal Temple premises, devotees petition DC to shift it

Public $$ Money Being Spent On Hindu Hate? #DefundUniversities

सोमनाथ मंदिर का ‘बाणस्तम्भ’ बताता है सनातन धर्म की वैज्ञानिकता, धरती चपटी है कहने वाली सभ्यताएं उस समय थी भी नहीं…

Mother Teresa: The biggest Con Job of the Twentieth Century

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