7th January 2022

Daily anti-Hindu news updates for 7th January 2022

Madras HC refuses to quash FIR against Catholic priest who had used offensive language against Bharat Mata and Hindus

Truth behind viral video clip claiming Indian Armed Forces to throw out Punjabis. Know where the original audio came from

Status Quo In Religious Demography Has To Be Maintained; Religious Conversion Can’t Be A Group Agenda : Madras High Court 


सतलुज नदी से पाकिस्तानी नाव बरामद… इसी इलाके में रोका गया था प्रधानमंत्री मोदी का काफिला

हिन्दू महिला की मांग में थूकने वाले Jawed Habib के खिलाफ Fir… सुदर्शन की एक और खबर का सार्थक असर

कर्नाटक में मैथ का सवाल हल न होने पर टीचर ने इस्लामी तरीके से करवाई दुआ… अल्लाह को बताया बेहतर भगवान

Indira Gandhi’s assassins honored by SGPC inside Sri Darbar Sahib complex 2 days after PM Modi’s security breach

Daughter Of Ex-RAW Officer Tries To Be A Brown Sepoy, But Gets Canceled By Liberals

J&K: Three JeM Terrorists Eliminated In Budgam Encounter, At Least 12 Terrorists Neutralised In First Week Of 2022

‘Humiliated For Asking Questions In His Seminar’: Woman Whose Hair Jawed Habib Spit In On Stage

IIT Kharagpur Calendar: A Factual Research Facing The Malice Of Targeted Controversy

सतलुज नदी में मिली पाकिस्तान की नाव, इसी क्षेत्र में रोका गया था प्रधानमंत्री का काफिला

NCPCR takes cognisance of a complaint filed against Jo Chopra for using disabled children of her NGO for political propaganda

Ghaziabad police arrest Yunus, Azad and 5 others for making fake currency notes, machinery and counterfeit currency recovered

Pakistanis and their Indian agents share manipulated video of cabinet meeting to claim Modi govt is planning to remove Sikhs from Indian Army

Arunachal Pradesh: Complaint filed against Christian preacher for desecrating holy place of Donyi Polo faith while holding a ‘healing’ retreat

After Islamists ‘cancel’ separatist author Saiba Varma over her father’s association with R&AW, California University drops her from curriculum

Who are Trads and Raitas and what is the supposed ‘internal strife’ in the ‘Right Wing’?

‘Hindu refugees from Pakistan, Bangladesh were given housing plots in the land we seized from mafias’: CM Yogi

Another video of Jawed Habib spitting on a woman appears, netizens demand action against the hairdresser

Political violence continues in Bengal: Another BJP leader’s body found hanging, party alleges TMC’s involvement

Viral video: Khalistanis had shared animated video showing how they want to block PM Modi on a flyover and throw him off to kill him

Who is ‘Lord’ Nazir Ahmed: Pakistan’s anti-India agent in UK who is now convicted of sexually harassing children

Republic TV Editor Arnab Goswami shuts down UK activist who downplayed PM security breach as ‘democratic protest’

सिखों पर जुल्म करने से बाज नहीं आ रहा पाकिस्तान

DMK functionaries interfere in sugarcane procurement for Pongal, farmers unhappy

Indira Gandhi’s assassins honored by SGPC inside Sri Darbar Sahib complex 2 days after PM Modi’s security breach

Coincidence or Conspiracy? 1-yr-old Khalistani video bears uncanny resemblance to PM’s security breach in Punjab

Missing items and substandard products in DMK’s Pongal gift package; worms and insects found

UP CM Yogi to give land to persecuted Hindus who fled Pakistan and Bangladesh

Madras HC refuses to quash FIR against Catholic priest George Ponnaiah who derogated ‘Bharat Mata’ and ‘Bhumi Devi’

Hindus from Pak, B’desh given land freed from encroachers by Yogi govt

Man held in UP for objectionable posts against Hindu Dharma, Brahmins on social media

Bengal: Picknicker gang-raped in Muslim-dominated Basirhat on New Year’s Day; six arrested

2 pastors cheat people of Rs.1.65Cr by promising employment in Canada

PFI attackers procured SIM card using Hindu widow’s Aadhaar in Renjith Sreenivasan murder: Kerala

3 terrorists killed in gunfight in J&K’s Budgam

Shangumugham temple renovation adds a crucifix-like structure: Kerala

Odisha cabinet to amend Shri Jagannath Temple Act, for ‘settlement’ of Jagannath land-related issues

धर्मांतरण जिहाद की चपेट में गोरखपुर ! किशोरी के गायब होने के बाद इलाके में हड़कंप

Indian-origin Woman Racially Assaulted In Germany Upon Asking Compensation For Spoilt Milk

Hairstylist Jawed Habib booked for spitting on woman’s head

Multiple Videos of Celebrity Hairstylist Jawed Habib Spitting on the Heads of Clients Goes Viral, FIR Lodged

Fer Dekhange: PM Modi. A highway. And armed ‘Jatts’. 5th Jan breach got eerily similar to this hateful video

The Punjabi music scene is riddled with anti-Modi, Khalistani propaganda. Here are some of the worst videos

Prominent anti-India voice ‘Lord’ Nazir Ahmed found guilty of sexual assault on children

Calcutta HC warns Times of India against publishing misleading reports on Bengal post-poll violence

Jawed Habib is again in the news, this time for spitting

बरामद हुई Love Jihad की शिकार किशोरी… सामने आए ऐसे राज कि पुलिस के भी उड़े होश

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