8th January 2022

Daily anti-Hindu news updates for 8th January 2022

‘They threatened to kill all Hindus and burn the village’: Know what exactly happened that led to Hindus boycotting Muslims in Chhattisgarh

Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan bays for Hindu blood in Bareilly, had allied with Congress in 2009 to strengthen ‘secularism’: Details

Hindus In Minority In Kanyakumari District, Ground Reality Of ‘Crypto-Christians’ Not Reflected In 2011 Census: Madras HC

श्रीराम मंदिर आंदोलन के बलिदानियों का बनेगा भव्य स्मारक… CM योगी की घोषणा से झूम उठे राम भक्त

PFI student wing unleashes violence over ‘Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa’ NCC war cry: Kerala

Gehlot plays ‘Dalit’ and ‘non-violence’ card to deflect scrutiny of Channi for PM security lapse

PFI stockpiling weapons in Kerala

How Christian missionaries, Hollywood misrepresent indigenous religions like Africa’s Voodoo as ‘black magic’, ‘evil’

कौटिल्य के अर्थशास्त्र में भी है कामकाजी महिलाओं का उल्लेख, फिर हिन्दू स्त्रियों पर पिछड़ेपन का दोषारोपण क्यों?

Aakar Patel seeks help from Lord Nazir for ‘human rights’ org Amnesty International, two days after he is convicted of sexually harassing children

Malvani ISIS module: Terrorist recruiters Rizwan and Mohsin sentenced to 8 years imprisonment for ‘brainwashing’ Muslim youth to join ISIS

जिन रामभक्त कारसेवकों पर मुलायम ने चलवाई गोलियाँ, CM योगी ने की उनका स्मारक बनाने की घोषणा

‘Bulli Bai’ app mastermind wanted to make his own identity, only intention was to get publicity, no links with any saffron group: Police

Hate speech case: Kalicharan Maharaj granted bail by Pune court, says his physical custody no longer needed

‘Response doesn’t appear like an apology’: NCW summons Jawed Habib to appear before it regarding ‘Thook haircut video’

Punjab: 3 operatives of Canada-based Khalistan Tiger Force held in Moga, terror attack on religious place averted

Maulana Rashidi says Saudi crown prince might be a Jew because he’s allowing liquor and cinema in KSA, repeats threat of Ram Mandir demolition

सेना में अमान्य करार दी गई शास्त्री की डिग्री जबकि मदरसे वाले छात्र बन सकेंगे धर्म शिक्षक.. फैसले के खिलाफ आक्रोशित संत समाज

Outrage in Varanasi after Indian Army said Sampurnanand Sanskrit University’s degree not valid for Religious Teacher post, VC to meet Rajnath Singh

Centre on alert after Jaish-e-Mohammed conducted a recce of RSS HQ, Hedgewar Bhavan in Nagpur: What we know so far

Orchid International files a complaint against the parent who complained about teacher forcing Hindu student to pray to Allah

Union Home Ministry restores FCRA license of Missionaries of Charity after the NGO submits necessary documents

Bulli Bai: Accused Niraj Bishnoi tried harming himself twice in police custody, was habitual of hacking websites

Congress govt. forcefully renames Shri Hari Singh school to Mahatma Gandhi school, and teaching medium to English in mid-year: Rajasthan

3 arrested, including wife of govt. employee, for distributing pro-Khalistan literature: Patiala, Punjab

After harangue by UK ‘Lords’ & Bishops, Modi govt. caves in and restores FCRA for Missionaries of Charity

‘Don’t ignore the crypto Christians’, Madras High Court raises voice against illegal conversions

Online gamer’s hateful video against PM Modi will make your blood boil

UK politicians lose their minds as Modi govt cracks down on ‘missionaries of charity’, and we love to see it

Anushka Sharma’s Chakda Xpress is a major flop even before being released

The Day Muslims Decide to Take Law in Their Hands, Hindus Won’t Find Space to Run, Says Bareilly Maulana Taukeer Raza Khan

Abusing Bharat Mata is Hurting Sentiments & Would Attract Offence Under Section 295A IPC, Says Madras High Court

Central agencies had warned on the intent of ‘Sikhs For Justice’, others during PM visit

Brutal attack on a RSS swayamsevak in Theni district bordering Kerala

Maoists kill a couple along with four others in a week in Chhattisgarh

Tamil Nadu: Govt school teachers in Tiruvannamalai prohibit students from donning Hindu identities

Man who claims to be DMK MLA Udhayanidhi Stalin’s PA threatens to kill woman; audio goes viral on social media

‘मक्का में सिनेमाघर क़यामत की निशानी, क्राउन प्रिंस यहूदी की औलाद’: मौलाना ने कहा – राम मंदिर तोड़ सकती हैं मुस्लिमों की आने वाली नस्लें

Madras High Court Says – Religious Conversions Cannot Be A Group Agenda

ये तो एंटीसेप्टिक होता है: जावेद हबीब ने बताया, पुराने जमाने में कहाँ-कहाँ लगाया जाता था थूक

चर्च के पादरी ने बनाया नाबालिग बच्ची को हवस का शिकार… पत्नी इस कुकृत्य का बनाती थी विडियो

Calcutta High Court Permits Gangasagar Mela, Lakhs Of Pilgrims To Congregate In Sagar Island Beginning Today

कानपुर: पादरी के इशारे पर 40 हजार देकर हिंदुओं को बनाया जा रहा ईसाई, नहीं मानी बहुएं तो तोड़ा मंदिर

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