Huma Dar

Huma Dar is a lecturer of South Asian Studies in University of California, Berkley. She is of Pakistani descent. Huma Dar supports balkanisation of India with her support for separatist movements like Kashmir, Khalistan, Manipur, Tripura, etc. She is often seen in Khalistani congregations in the US. Huma Dar is an “expert” activist for terror sympathising propagandist group, Stand With Kashmir along with Hafsa Kanjwal, Ather Zia, and Haley Duschinski. She is the founding member of the Working Group on “Muslim Identities & Cultures,” based at the Center for Race & Gender and the Townsend Center. She is an Adjunct Professor of Critical Studies at the California College of the Arts. Huma Dar often addresses Indian government as Brahminical or brahminism incidentally, she herself comes from a brahmin family of Baramullah. According to Wikipedia her ancestor was a Hindu named Prakash Ram Kitchlew.

Huma Dar’s father was a retired Pakistani Army officer and her mother is niece of Indian freedom fighter Saifuddin Kitchlew. Kitchlew was a member of Indian National Congress, then became Punjab Provincial Congress Committee Head and later General Secretary of All Indian Congress Committee (AICC) in 1924. Kitchlew also was the founding member of Jamia Milia Islamia, a central university located in New Delhi. Later he joined the All India Khilafat Committee for making India a part of Islamic caliphate.

As reported by Indian Express, in 2019 Jallianwala Bagh Memorial Trust sent invitation to Huma Dar for participating in 100th year Jallianwlaah Bagh anniversary. While Huma Dar is very local and is relentless in hounding Hindus and India in the name of Kashmir, she has never called out Pakistan and their occupation of Kashmir. She has never indulged in propaganda against Pakistan despite their egregious human rights violations especially against Hindus and Sikhs. She has never called for Azaadi (freedom) for Kashmir from Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir (POK) or China occupied Aksai Chin.

Huma Dar at a Khalistan rally, San Francisco, 11th June 2017 Source: Sikh Roots

Especially since the abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A, Huma Dar has accused India of demographic change, crimes against humanity, genocide, Brahminisim and has accused current Indian government of being inspired of Nazi methods of genocide. Huma Dar heckled former Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah at a University of California, Berkely event held in 2018. Disinfo Lab have exposed the Kashmir-ISI propaganda industry.

Huma Dar is known for spreading Pakistani propaganda, fake news, support for terrorists and sympathises with Indian separatists. Her social media posts are replete with swear words, very openly peddles Brahmin-hatred, hatred for Hindus, and hatred for India. She often labels India as brahminical settler-colonialism, accuses India of crimes against humanity , war crimes, genocide and Islamophobia. In an article published in ICIT (The Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought) Digital Library titled Militarization, Land-Grab, Demographic-Change, Medical Apartheid, Ecologicide: Kashmir under Indian Settler-colonialism in the Times of Covid, Huma Dar calls Hindus pilgrimage Amarnath Yatra “communal (anti-Muslim) “, “aggressively militarised tourism” “nationalist pilgrimage” and “colonial pilgrimage”. She also labelled 2021 Kumbh mela as the “biggest super-spreader event in the history of this pandemic”. In the same article, Huma Dar urges UN Representatives to call for a free and impartial “plebiscite”, stop Indians from buying land in Kashmir, release of prisoners imprisoned by the Indian state on various terror charges, stop Amarnath yatra pilgrimage under the garb of ‘ecological preservation”.

Huma Dar supports boycott calls of Indian products, a Muslim Brotherhood initiative and had posted social media messages eulogising terrorists. On 15th December 2021, Huma Dar Retweeted Muzzamil Ayyub Thakur’s eulogising message of the death of Feroz Ahmed Dar of Heff, Shopian, who killed by Indian Armed forces on 15th December 2021. Feroz Ahmed Dar was District Commander of Hizbul Mujahideen, a designated terror organisation by India, EU, USA, and Canada.

Despite being an academic, Huma Dar has often uses swear words in the her posts on India and Hindus. In fact in on of her posts celebrating Pakistan’s win over India in 2020 T20 Cricket World cup held in UAE, Huma Dar posted a poem calling Pakistan to conquer India.

In her 2015 article for RAIOT SO YOU RETURNED THE AWARDS? Huma Dar writes “one has to wonder what kept these literary “stars” from this praiseworthy gesture of returning their state-given awards when the Gujarat pogrom was going on in 2002, or against the pogroms that followed the demolition of Babri masjid in 1992/3, or against the genocide of Sikhs around 1984, or heck, against the ongoing genocide in Kashmir or that of Dalits”. Huma Dar has accused of committing a genocide against Muslims, Sikhs and Dalits since 2015. Yet, in 2021, Muslims, Sikhs and Dalits continue to live in India often representing India at world stage including sports. She further writes “Modes of governmentally honed over millennia on Dalits, including naked parades, sexual torture, forced feeding of faeces and other excreta, rapes, massacres, and arson, are deployed on recalcitrant Kashmiris fighting for our collective right to self-determination.” According to Huma Dar Indian government does “torture via forced sloganeering of Brahminical Hinduism’s chants”. Accusing Indians and Hindus of committing genocide against Muslims, Huma Dar states, Indian government “allows and encourages a de facto genocide of the Dalit-Bahujan and Adivasis (despite strict laws on the books) via its Brahminical state apparatus.” What Huma Dar hides, Pakistan has the highest per capita honour killings in the world, that’s about one-fifths of the worlds honour killings. Center for Strategic and Contemporary Research report “women being burned to death, stoned, stabbed, electrocuted and strangled to death are as barbaric as they are shameful”

In another article in 2015 for Pulse Media “India,” “Secularism,” and Its Dissenting Authors Or “Der Āyad, Durust Āyad, but is this even an arrival”? Huma Dar writes ” …as a Kashmiri born outside of Kashmir due to the catastrophic ethnic cleansing of 1947-8, engineered by the Brahminical Dogra ruler of the erstwhile princely state and the newly “independent” Indian State, when up to 1.1 million Muslims were massacred and forcibly exiled out of Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir.” Huma Dar invented a genocide that never happened purely for undermining India’s claim on Kashmir. She further writes “up to 25,000 Muslim women from J&K, mostly from Jammu, were abducted and raped as a part of this genocide”. She calls Indian Amarnath pilgrims to Kashmir  “colonial nationalist pilgrims.” In the same article Huma Dar states

.....calling Kashmir, Tripura, Manipur, Nagaland, and other North-East states as Indian is uninformed at best and discursively as violent at worst

Huma Dar, India "Secularism" and Its Dissenting Authors or 'Der Ayad, Durust Ayad, 2015

At a panel discussion on Kashmir in the Shadows of Walls & Barbed-Wires: Postcolonial Contestation over Lives, Lands, Languages in Scripps College in December 16 2016, Huma Dar along with Stand with Kashmir expert Ather Zia said “In 1947-8, up to a million and a half Muslims were ethnically-cleansed, a third massacred and the rest forcibly exiled from one part of the Princely State of Jammu & Kashmir—the part that soon thereafter was occupied by India. About a quarter of the women recorded as abducted and raped during the Partition of India and Pakistan came from less than one percent of the affected population: Jammu & Kashmir.” Indian historians have confirmed such a massacre or genocide never happened, in fact it was Hindus who were massacred soon after partition when Pakistan invaded India.

Below are some of her posts from Twitter: