24th September 2020

Daily updates for 24th September 2020

What they did on 5th August, was the last nail on the ‘coffin of India’: Farooq Abdullah says Kashmiris would prefer to be ruled by China

‘I spent my life crying’: Lost in Partition, found over WhatsApp call

शाहीन बाग़ की बकरियों की दादी का फैसला : अपनी कौम के भटके हुए नौजवानों को रास्ते पर ले आऊँगी “

पूर्वांचल में मुख्तार अंसारी का 100 करोड़ का आर्थिक साम्राज्य ध्वस्त, कई नामी-बेनामी संपत्तियां जब्त

Delhi riots chargesheet: Khurshid, Kavita Krishnan named by accused for ‘provocative speeches’

‘Tamil Nadu Temples Administered By Officials A Fraud On Statute, Has Continued For Scandalously Long Period’: Madras High Court

Dadis Of Shaheen Bagh Were Nothing But Well Tutored Pawns In The Hands Of Break India Clan

पुरी शंकराचार्य ने कहा ताजमहल शिव मंदिर ‘तेजोमहालय’ था, योगी जी ध्यान दें

Instagram refuses to act against vulgar abuse of Hindu Gods

Why The Democratic Party is Bleeding Indian American Support

Lies, damned lies, outright lies and DMK

Is she 18? How Pakistan’s forced conversion of minors get legal cover

NCPCR asks AltNews co-founder Pratik Sinha to submit proof to substantiate his claims in Zubair-child harassment case

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