Haroon Kasim

Mohammed Haroon Kasim is a Hospitalist at Hornsby Ku-ring-gai hospital, Sydeny, Australia. He is the founding member of Australian based anti-Hindu group, The Humanism Project. He is also a Kashmiri separatist. The Humanism Project is a part of a greater alliance Australian Alliance Against Hate and Violence (AAAHAV) which has Hindus for Human Rights, Khalistani separatist, Turbans 4 Australia, Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC), Pax Christi Australia, Basmala Australia and Indian Ambedkarite community.

Mohammed Haroon Kasim

Kasim is often quoted as India representative by Australian media. He is close to Khalistanis, Turbans 4 Australia, and Jamat-i-Islami Kashmir propaganda front, Stand with Kashmir. He is also Executive Director at International Council of Indian Muslims (ICIM). ICIM also has AMUST‘s (Australasian Muslim Times) Zia Ahmed, and Indian American Muslim Council’s (IAMC) Rashid Ahmed, and UK’s Mufti Amin Pandor.

Kasim acts as a representative of the Indian community in Australia including Hindus. Kasim and his THP work with American based ultra-radical leftist group Hindus for Human Rights, UK government funded The Amnesty International, the Greens political party, AMUST, Pakistan Embassy, IAMC, Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and other Islamist and leftist actors.

Haroon Kasim with Hindus for Human Rights Australia representative, Dr. Shanti Raman

Kasim and THP vehemently opposed India’s benign Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and NRC, that provides refuge to persecuted Hindus, Sikhs and Christians in neighbouring Islamic states. He also hosted to 2 roundtable conferences on fascism in India. He also opposed Indian government’s abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A.

In the Vishal Jood case, Kasim, THP, the Greens Party, Turbans 4 Australia spread fake news and maligned Hindus in Australia while hiding the violence and instigation by Khalistanis. He often calls Hindus ‘a threat to Australia‘. Along with Greens party’s David Shoebridge, Kasim tried to bad-mouth Viswa Hindu Parishad (VHP) as terrorists in Australia. He called VHP a terror organisation that promotes Islamophobia to young Hindu children.

In an article A Hindu attacks Sikhs in Australia, gets hero’s welcome in India, Kasim said “that allegations of “Hinduphobia” were increasingly being used to attack anyone who opposed the Hindutva ideology.”

Speaking to Khalistani new portal Baaz News, on the Vishal Jood case, Kasim said “Hindutva and other far-right organizations are a threat to all diasporic communities. Hindutva does not represent the tolerant Hindu community at large and should not be portrayed as such.”

In an interview with Sydney Criminal Lawyers Kasim equated VHP to ISIS ” it’s like allowing ISIS to teach our children.” VHP has permission from Australia’s New South Wales government to teach Hinduism to Hindu children in schools. What we are doing right now is we’re choosing not to recognise it, and that’s problematic. ISIS and Islamic extremism were recognised, but that’s not happening with Hindu extremism.” In the interview Kasim willingly lied about CAA while drawing parallels to Nazi Germany, saying “The CAA law in India is going to result in a lot of Muslims losing their citizenship. Amnesty International called it the largest statelessness exercise in the history of the world.Detention camps have already been built in Assam. These are very strong similarities with Nazi Germany.” Kasim without any evidence said “Assam and Kashmir are on genocide watchlist”.

In 2022 February, Kasim was a participant in an anti-Hindu, anti-India online event “India on the Brink: Preventing Genocide“. The programme featured the usual suspects of Hindu hating politicians, ultra radical leftist, radical Christians, and Islamists. In the event he said “India stands on the brink of an impending genocide of Muslims.”

From Left to Right: Anjum Rafiqui, Stand with Kashmir’s Australia representative, a lady with NRI Affairs Deepak Joshi, Haroon Kasim, Joey Clarke, Amnesty International Australia, and Dr. Janet Rice, Greens Party, Victoria

In January 2021, Kasim wrote a letter to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison complaining about waving of an orange flag by Hindus at the one day international cricket match between India and Australia. He called it “the flag on fascist organisation…. the RSS”. Click on picture to expand.

On Vivek Agnihotri’s The Kashmir Files, Haroon Kasim while speaking to SBS Hindi said “….the movie ‘The Kashmir Files’ weaponises the plight of Kashmiri Pandits and uses misinformation to portray all Muslims as being violent, barbaric, lecherous or devious. Further, it delegitimises the suffering of Kashmiri Muslims who were also victims of the insurgency, creates a binary of the ‘Hindu Victim’ and ‘Muslim Perpetrator’ and succeeds in sowing sentiments of distrust, anger and hatred. This was evident from the calls for violence from moviegoers immediately after seeing the movie”.

Amnesty Australia quoted Kasim on Pegasus Spyware case. Kasim said “In addition, there has been an increase in online attacks targeted at Indian academia and civil society groups who are critical of the Modi government in the region. Such surveillance technology therefore raises security concerns for civil society groups and human right activists in Australia. PM Morrison therefore has an obligation to the Australian people to question PM Modi on the Indian state’s use of technology to spy on people who defend human rights,”.

Below are some of Kasim’s social media posts.